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Take action to make the electric school bus future a reality! 

Below you will find multiple petitions to help bring about an electric school bus future.  Our first petition is asking the New York City Council to pass introduction bill 455-2018 asking for the City to transition to all electric school buses by 2040.  We also have a Change.org and a Care2.com petition asking Mayor Bill DeBlasio to support electric school buses.  On the National level, you will find links to the League of Conservation Voters' Chispa campaign and the US PIRG petition to the state governors asking them to use the VW settlement disbursements to help pay for electric school buses. 

New York City Council Contact Form

Use our pre-filed contact form for your New York City Council Member asking them to become a co-sponsor to Intro Bill 455-2018 requiring that New York City’s Department of Education stop using internal combustion (diesel, compressed natural gas, gasoline and hybrid) school buses and switch to all electric zero emission school buses by 2040. 

You should add any personal thoughts or feelings to the body of the email and the rest of the body will be pre-filled with our letter template which you can READ HERE

Using the form will send a copy of the email to your NYC Council Member and to their Chief of Staff and/or Legislative Director.

A copy will also be sent to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Department of Education Chancellor Richard Carranza, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, and the Chair of the City Council Committee on the Environment Costa Constantinides.  

If your council members name is written in green then they are already a sponsor of the bill and will be sent a THANK YOU letter instead.  It is still very important to let them know that you support this bill and want them to convince others to join the effort.

FOLLOW the progress of Intro Bill 455-2018.

READ Intro Bill 455-2018. 

WATCH our legislative breakdown of Intro Bill 455.

Sign The Petition

Care2.com Petition

Demand NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio supports electric school buses!

care2 petition

Change.org Petition

Demand NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio support electric school buses!

Change.org Petition

CHISPA is asking you to demand that your Governor to use the VW Settlement money to purchase electric school buses.

chispa logo

Volkswagen was caught cheating federal emissions tests, and are now paying a $14.7 billion settlement.

We’re demanding your Governor use the tens of millions of dollars your state is receiving from the VW settlement to upgrade their aging fleet of toxic diesel school buses to zero-emissions electric buses. This will clean the air in our communities, bolster the fight against climate change, and protect the lungs of the millions of kids who ride buses every day.

LCV Chispa Petition

United States Public Interest Research Group's National Electric School Bus Campaign


US PIRG has created a nationwide campaign asking Governor's to use their states portion of the $14.7 billion Volkswagen emissions scandal settlement money to purchase all electric zero emission school buses to replace harmful diesel school buses.

US PIRG Petition

How to File a Citizen’s Idling Complaint in New York City

Not much is needed to file a citizen’s complaint for an idling commercial vehicle in New York City.

1)  You must be a private individual and not a corporation or a city official whose job allows them to issue a summons.

2)  You must observe the commercial truck or bus idle for more than three (3) minutes or one (1) minute if vehicle is idling next to a school.

3)  You need to take a picture of the vehicles license plate and the side of the vehicle to identify the name and address of the vehicles operator or owner.

4)  You must also verify that the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

5)  The vehicle can not be idling to power loading, unloading or processing equipment like a cement truck powering the mixer.

6)  The vehicle also can not be an emergency vehicle like an ambulance or fire truck.

7)  To submit your complaint, you can click the link below to the DEP citizen’s complaint form and affidavit which must be filed out and sent to DEP by email or regular mail with your photo evidence.

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