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RE: Please co-sponsor and request hearings on intro bill #455: Electric School buses and diesel age limitations reduction

If you really do represent me, please co-sponsor and request hearings on introduction number 455 proposed by Councilmember Daniel Dromm.

The dangers of diesel and other internal combustion engine emissions have been known for decades. Diesel emissions are filled with carcinogens which increases a person lifetime risk of cancer, particulate matter and soot increases the risk and incidents of asthma and heart disease, contains CO2 which contributes to global warming and NOx which forms smog among other dangers. These effects are even more dangerous to children whose lungs, heart, and other organs are still developing.

The first study done specifically on the effects of diesel pollution on children riding on school buses was released by the NRDC in 2001 “No Breathing in the Aisles”. The study was quickly supported by a 2002 study conducted by Yale University “Children’s Exposure to Diesel Exhaust on School Buses”. These studies have shown that exposure levels to these harmful chemicals can be between 4x – 10x higher on school buses that in the surrounding environment.

The California Air Resource Board commissioned two studies to learn how to mitigate the impacts of school bus diesel emissions on the children riding on the bus. The 2006 study, “Evaluation of Mechanisms of Exhaust Intrusion into School Buses and Feasible Mitigation Measures,” found that there were numerous points of entry for exhaust and that the levels varied considerable due to many factors. The follow up study in 2015, “Reducing Air Pollution Exposure in Passenger Vehicles and School Buses,” evaluated the effectives of stopping the pollutants by using various air filtration technologies.

But the most telling study was done by the University of Michigan in 2015 entitled “Adopting Clean Fuels and Technologies on School Buses: Pollution and Health Impacts in Children.” This study looked at the impact on children of switching from regular diesel fuel to ultra-low sulfur diesel. When ultra-low sulfur diesel was introduced, the incidents of irritation and attacks for children with asthma was reduced. Lung development was also increased for all children and the rate of absenteeism decreased.

According to DEP’s 2016 air quality report, less than half of the 2,142 general education school buses reported meet the 2007 EPA particulate matter standards and only 10 percent have closed crankcase ventilation systems which help reduce the amount of emissions that enter the passenger compartment from the engine bay.

As shown in the Columbia University study entitled “Electric Bus Analysis for New York City Transit,” it shows that electric buses make economic sense today. Over the 15 to 20 year life span on a school bus, the lowered cost of fueling and maintenance will more that pay for the initial cost of the electric school bus. Then when you add the health benefits from reducing particulate matter, CO2 and NOx emissions there is no more economic debate.

But you don’t need to be a scientist to see that the school buses on the road today are not clean. Anyone standing outside a school at pick up and drop off times can see the exhaust and smell harmful fumes coming from the school buses. If you have not seen it, you can watch our 2017 dirty school bus compilation video of school buses emitting visible of particulate matter and other pollutants.

The DOE is currently spending over 1 billion dollars a year on pupil transportation. The DOE commissions over 10,000 school buses a year, which almost double the amount of transit buses operated by the City. The time has come for us to require that our children be transported on clean and safe buses. Please co-sponsor intro bill 455 so that the City Council can at least conduct hearings on this very important matter.

I would also like to see you support Resolution 200, which is calling on the State Legislature to enact, and for the Governor to sign, legislation to establish an Electric School Bus Worker Cooperative program.

I would also like to see you support Resolution 201, which is calling upon the New York City Department of Education to create a pilot program for a worker and parent-controlled electric school bus company to provide services to New York City school children beginning in September 2018.

To learn more about the progress being made on electric school buses. Please visit the Electric School Bus’s website.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one discussion with some one from the Electric School Bus Campaign to discuss the adoption of electric school buses in more detail please email:


Thank You Email Template

Thank you for co-sponsoring Intro Bill 455-2018

I would just like to say thank you for sponsoring intro bill 455 and trying to help protect our children and everyone who breathes NYC air from the harmful pollutants emitted by diesel powered school buses and all other forms of internal combustion engines. 

Moving to electric propulsion for school buses is about more that just the emissions coming out of the tailpipes.  It is the whole fossil fuel ecosystem that is dangerous to our health.  The more crude oil we need, the more risky exploration of virgin lands is needed.  This exploration and exploitation leads to more risk of oil spills that ruin fragile ecosystems for years, decades and possibly centuries.  If a “properly working” facility and pipeline spills thousands of gallons of crude oil each year that barely gets noticed.

We hope that you will help to educate your fellow council members on the need for this very important transition.  If you need any statistics or information feel free to contact the Electric School Bus Campaign by emailing  

To keep up to date on the electric school bus industry please visit


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