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Tevin C. S. Grant, Esq.

Tevin C. S. Grant, Esq.: Founder, Husband, Father, Chief Legal Strategist, Dreamer, Snake Charmer

Email: tevin@electricschoolbuscampaign.org

Bio:  For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to the natural beauty of the world around me.  Before I decided to become an environmental attorney in the 9th grade, I wanted to be a herpetologist and study snakes all over the world.

At Pace University, I majored in their cutting edge interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program.  It was unique because the program developed jointly by a philosophy professor and an economics professor and they challenged us to take classes in every discipline taught at the school.  My interest in politics grew as I participated in the Model UN program and was voted the Senior Class President.

For law school, I decided to go the University of Virginia even though they did not have a specific environmental program because they are a top ten law school and they offered a number of environmental law course, some of which were taught by an ex US EPA attorney and of counsel to Beverage and Diamond, which has one of the nation’s largest and most respected private environmental law practices.  During law school, I was lucky enough to have two wonderful internships at both the Natural Resources Defense Council and Southern Environmental Law Center.

After graduation, I joined the Environmental Unit of the New York City Law Department.  That was a great experience litigating a variety of environmental issues for all of the City’s agencies.  I have since moved on but still do litigation in the environmental arena.

Why I Decided to Start this Campaign

However, as fun and interesting as my career has been, I have been feeling the need to do something uniquely me.    I have always had a love for cars and seeing what Tesla is doing with electric cars has really excited me.  Also as a father, I want to protect my kids from all the dangers that I can.  My knowledge of the recent Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal and the relationship between heart and lung disease and diesel emissions all came to ahead when I went to see a play with my daughter as part of a school trip and saw a sea of idling diesel powered school buses.  I could see the clouds of particulate matter emanating from their tailpipes.  The smell of diesel was also irritating and made the air heavy to breathe.  This lead me to a desire to want to help to speed up the transition to fully electric school buses by using my skills to help to foster legislation to require that all school buses become zero emission vehicles.


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